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In Week 5 of the KCL, the competition intensified as each of the 4 teams played just 3 games. The Blue Caps, who started the week in last place, emerged victorious, clinching a flawless 3-0 record, and snatching 3rd place from the winless Bobcats. Although the Blue Caps had a promising week, it’s worth noting that the last time their success was highlighted, they stumbled in the following week. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself. The Blue Caps not only tied for 1st in runs scored but also boasted the best defensive record, conceding the least number of runs.

Caleb Royer of the Blue Caps rightfully earned the title of batter of the week with his outstanding performance, going 5-9 at the plate, including an impressive double, triple, and home run, amassing 6 RBIs, 3 runs, and even a stolen base. On the pitching side, Ben Plumley of the Ground Sloths claimed the pitcher of the week title, pitching a remarkable 4 innings, securing the win, and allowing 0 hits, runs, and only 1 walk while striking out an impressive 7 batters. The KCL action continues with the next game scheduled for June 28th.


Season Standings

TeamWinsLossesGames BehindRun Differential
Ground Sloths13733
Blue Caps8125-18

Week 5 Standings

TeamWinsLossesRun DifferentialRuns ScoredRuns Allowed
Blue Caps30112615
Ground Sloths21-31720

Week 5 Game Logs

Season Head-to-Head

TeamGround SlothsMerchantsBobcatsBlue Caps
Ground Sloths5-25-23-3
Blue Caps3-32-53-4

Batting/Pitching/Fielding leaders in the KCL can be found on the KCL main page, along with each individual team’s leaders. Below is a more fun and interesting list of leaders that gives a little more insight into who’s doing well in the KCL League.


Players’ fantasy points are calculated using ESPN’s Fantasy Baseball standard scoring system (excluding pitching holds). (

Season Top 10 Hitting and Pitching Fantasy Leaders

PlayerTeamFantasy PointsPlayerTeamFantasy Points
Judah MorrisGround Sloths94Will O’GormanBlue Caps63.0
Caleb RoyerBlue Caps83Gus LucasGround Sloths51.2
Chase MasonMerchants73Ben PlumleyGround Sloths40.9
Logan Van HeuklonMerchants67Jack BarhamMerchants40.0
Justin GutierrezGround Sloths66Nathan GarardMerchants38.0
Jack ShieldsMerchants66Zach OdonnellBobcats31.5
Gage WolfeBlue Caps64Braden RoeschBlue Caps30.0
Tyler ThompsonBobcats60Ian DonaldsonMerchants28.0
Liam McGillBlue Caps58David SmithMerchants26.0
Alec McGinnisBobcats55Gavin WernsingBobcats25.0

Week 5 Top 10 Hitting and Pitching Fantasy Leaders

PlayerTeamFantasy PointsPlayerTeamFantasy Points
Caleb RoyerBlue Caps23Ben PlumleyGround Sloths20.0
Nick BacuraMerchants19Jack BarhamMerchants15.0
Gage WolfeBlue Caps17Jacob HahsBobcats13.0
Luke SmockBlue Caps17Braden RoeschBlue Caps9.0
Logan Van HeuklonMerchants15Kayden AlthoffBlue Caps8.0
Chase MasonMerchants14Wes HuntMerchants8.0
Liam McGillBlue Caps13Luke AmendBlue Caps6.6
Daniel ContretasBobcats13Hunter PudloBlue Caps6.0
Eduardo LetamendiGround Sloths13Alex SmithBobcats6.0
Collyn BallardBlue Caps12Cade SharpMerchants6.0

Week 5 Top Batter Game Performances

PlayerTeamOpponentDateGame Stats
Luke SmockBlue CapsMerchants6-23-232-3, 3B, HR, 4 RBIs, 2 Rs
Eduardo LetamendiGround SlothsMerchants6-25-232-3, 2B, HR, 2 RBIs, 2 Rs
Caleb RoyerBlue CapsGround Sloths6-21-233-4, 2B, 4 RBIs, 1 R
Gage WolfeBlue CapsGround Sloths6-21-233-4, 2 2Bs, 1 RBI, 3 Rs

Week 5 Top Pitcher Game Performances

PlayerTeamOpponentDateGame Stats
Ben PlumleyGround SlothsMerchants6-25-234 IP, W, 0 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 Ks
Jack BarhamMerchantsBlue Caps6-23-234 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 5 Ks
Jacob HahsBobcatsBlue Caps6-25-235 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 Ks


Top 10 Hitters with the highest proportion of games with a hit (minimum of 15 games played)

PlayerTeamGamesGames w HitGwH%
Judah MorrisGround Sloths16140.875
Jack ShieldsMerchants18150.833
Justin GutierrezGround Sloths17140.824
Logan Van HeuklonMerchants17130.765
Gage WolfeBlue Caps20150.750
Chase MasonMerchants20150.750
Caleb RoyerBlue Caps19140.737
Tyler ThompsonBobcats19140.737
Liam McGillBlue Caps18120.667
Alec McGinnisBobcats19120.632


Top 10 Current Game-Hitting Streak Leaders

PlayerTeamHitting Streak
Logan Van HeuklonMerchants7
Eduardo LetamendiGround Sloths6
Justin GutierrezGround Sloths6
Daniel ContretasBobcats5
Rance BryantGround Sloths5
Dylan HolmesMerchants5
Nick BacuraMerchants5
Dan MoseleBobcats4
PJ JerszynskiGround Sloths4
Caleb RoyerBlue Caps3
Gage WolfeBlue Caps3
Liam McGillBlue Caps3
Cale SteinbaughGround Sloths3
Eli KieserGround Sloths3
Bryce BishopMerchants3
Chase MasonMerchants3

Top 10 Season-Long Game-Hitting Streak Leaders

PlayerTeamHitting Streak
Pat MulcaheyBobcats10
Caleb RoyerBlue Caps9
Alec McGinnisBobcats9
Judah MorrisGround Sloths8
Shea ZbrozekGround Sloths8
Jack ShieldsMerchants7
Logan Van HeuklonMerchants7
Tyler ThompsonBobcats6
Eduardo LetamendiGround Sloths6
Justin GutierrezGround Sloths6
Still trying to figure out how to add a player multiple times if he has multiple top hitting streaks. But for now, a player can only show up on this list once.

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