Author: Grant Jones

This season I’ve developed an artificially intelligent algorithm based off the past two years of KCL data to output a live in-game forecast of the current game after each batter or advanced base dependent on the inning, runs, hits, errors, outs, and if there are runners on base and which base the runners are on. The algorithm also accounts for how well the team has performed in the season thus far and has a new method to predict winner of the homerun derby in the event of a tie after seven innings. After 8 KCL games this weekend, the Most Dominant Game of the Weekend, the Biggest Nail Biter of the Weekend, and the Biggest Comeback of the Weekend were selected based off the algorithm.

Most Dominant Game of the Weekend

The Ground Sloths crushed the Bluecaps 10-2 on Friday June 16th for this weekend’s most dominant game. After the first inning, the Ground Sloths took a 3-0 lead, giving them an 87.2% chance to win the game. The Ground Sloths put up five more runs in the next two innings, which puts the Ground Sloths at a 99.9% chance to win. The Bluecaps avoided the shutout, courtesy of Collyn Ballard’s two-run homerun. The Ground Sloths answered with two runs of their own to win by eight runs.

Biggest Nail Biter of the Weekend

The Bluecaps and Bobcats earned the Biggest Nail Biter of the Weekend with their matchup on Thursday June 15th. The Bluecaps and Bobcats go back and forth to make the game 2-2 heading into the bottom of the sixth, giving the Bobcats a 50.2% chance to win. After three walks, the bases are loaded with one out, and the Bobcats have a 55.4% chance to win. Lucas Amend attempts a pickoff at third, but after the bad throw, two runs score for the Bobcats, increasing the win probability to 75.9%. The Bobcats were able to close out the game to win 5-4.

The Biggest Comeback of the Weekend

The Ground Sloths earned the Biggest Comeback of the Weekend for the second straight week. The Bobcats were up five in the bottom of the seventh with a 99.4% chance to win. Judah Morris’ RBI single to make the score 6-2 decreased the Bobcats’ win probability to 72.2%. Alex Smith strikes out Rance Bryant giving the Bobcats a 91.1% chance to hold onto their two-run lead with two outs and a runner on second. After a walk, Brayden Smith tied the game with a two RBI double, forcing the game to a homerun derby. The Ground Sloths won the homerun derby to secure the comeback win.

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