By Nigel Walton

The Corn Crib is the setting of an internship to help professionals make it in the marketing, communications, operations, and sales world.

Founded in 2009, the Corn Crib has been home to many sports events, concerts, festivities, and family-oriented events.

Given this opportunity, interns will meet many people from all over who all have the same desire and career path.  

Jarret Rodgers is the Director of Ticket Sales and mentors the sales interns on how and the best way to improve in making phone calls and closing sales.

One step of being corny is being a hard worker and a person who is driven to grow in this industry.

“The big things we are looking for are passion and drive,” Rodgers said. “People who stay motivated and are motivated right now and know that they can be great by working hard.”

During the spring, 17 interns who met the corny criteria were introduced to the Corn Crib.

For many, this is their first step into the sports world. With this experience, they can determine if this is what they want their future to consist of.

Gavin Legett, the Sales Director and internship mentor, is who you will conduct your interview with for those looking to get into the marketing and communications profession.

“What I hope for them to gain is a sense of whether the sports industry is meant for them or not, for a lot of interns this is their first experience of working in sports,” Legett said.

Danny Garcia, an intern from Los Angeles, California, says he likes the internship since he has room to explore.

“I like that they give you the freedom to experiment on your own and build a variety of skills,” Garcia said.

Depending on when interns join the CornBelters family, their tasks and responsibilities will be different compared to the interns before.

“Spring is completely different from the summer and fall,” Rodgers said. “Summer is all about game days and how we can add to it whether it is the marketing element of creating in-game content. Right now it is all about prep, we have a lot more time which means we can do more with that time.”

The mentors here at the internship aren’t just wanting you here to do busy work and make their life easier but give you a chance to learn and expand yourself.

“The biggest goal for us is that educational purpose that you are here for and how we can grow you as an individual,” Legett said.

With this five-month internship, you will accomplish many things and become a more suitable employee for your dream job and establish a diverse network that can take you to places you have never been.

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